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RU-VG Vakuumsauger

Produkt-Filter - Level 1 (Fenster- / Türenart) Titel:
alu : Aluminium, hal : Holz-Aluminium, hol : Holz, kun : Kunststoff
Produkt-Filter - Level 2 (Hauptgruppe) Titel:
alu-fas : Fassade, alu-fetu : Fenster und Türen, hal-bm : Beschlagmontage, hol-fe : Fenster, kun-fe : Fenster
1Produkt-Filter - Level 3 (Produktgruppe):
alu-fas-hzv : Hebezeuge - Verladen, alu-fetu-hzv : Hebezeuge - Verladen, hal-bm-fb : Flügelbeschlag, hol-fe-wzhv : Wz.-Halter - Hebezeuge - Verladen, kun-fe-wzhv : Wz.-Halter - Hebezeuge - Verladen
Eindeutige Bezeichnung EN:
RU-VG Vacuum lifting device
Eindeutige Bezeichnung FR:
RU-VG Manipulateur à ventouses

RU-VG Vacuum lifting device

Glazing hangers with vacuum cups for the transport of windows and doors.

Can be used in conjunction with crane track and crane.

Details and functions:

  • Easy transport of heavy windows and doors
  • The position of the vacuum suction cups is adjustable in width and height
  • Turning device with a locking pin at the 90° position
  • The vacuum is created directly on the vacum unit no air connection necessary

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RU-VG Vacuum lifting device
RU-VG Vacuum lifting device
In operation:

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