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RU-SRBM-F6 Glasleistenregal

Produkt-Filter - Level 1 (Fenster- / Türenart) Titel:
alu : Aluminium
Produkt-Filter - Level 2 (Hauptgruppe) Titel:
alu-fetu : Fenster und Türen
1Produkt-Filter - Level 3 (Produktgruppe):
alu-fetu-glz : Glasleistenzuschnitt, alu-fetu-tul : Transport und Lagerung
Eindeutige Bezeichnung EN:
RU-SRBM-F6 Strip shelf
Eindeutige Bezeichnung FR:
RU-SRBM-F6 Glasleistenregal

RU-SRBM-F6 Strip shelf

... with 9 shelf levels and integrated support for material feed

Design strip shelf:

  • 5 support arms distributed over the length of the shelf.
  • The distance between the arms is freely adjustable
  • There are 9 shelf levels in the height
  • Shelf depth 400 mm, shelf height approx. 180 mm
  • The shelf levels are freely adjustable in height from 250 to 2,000 mm
  • The support arms of one level protrude 250 mm. At the same time they serve as profile support in the feeding area of the saw.

Accessories for strip shelf:

  • Anti-slip devices for insertion into the ends of the support arms
  • Additional support arm with 400 mm projection
  • Additional support arm with 650 mm projection

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RU-SRBM-F6 Strip shelf
RU-SRBM-F6 Strip shelf

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