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RU-KW-S Kommissionswagen

Produkt-Filter - Level 1 (Fenster- / Türenart) Titel:
hal : Holz-Aluminium, hol : Holz, kun : Kunststoff
Produkt-Filter - Level 2 (Hauptgruppe) Titel:
hal-tul : Transport und Lagerung, hol-fe : Fenster, hol-tue : Türen, kun-fe : Fenster, kun-tue : Türen
1Produkt-Filter - Level 3 (Produktgruppe):
hal-tul-tul : Transport und Lagerung, hol-fe-bmr : Beschlagmontage Rahmen, hol-tue-tul : Transport und Lagerung, kun-fe-tul : Transport und Lagerung, kun-tue-tul : Transport und Lagerung
Eindeutige Bezeichnung EN:
RU-KW-S Transport trolley
Eindeutige Bezeichnung FR:
RU-KW-S Chevalets de commissionnement

RU-KW-S Transport trolley

Commission trolley for in-house and truck transport. Suitable for forklift and crane transport.

Equipment and accessories:

  • Plant part and installation surface covered with wear-resistant rubber profile resistant to water-soluble paints
  • With 4 crane hooks, 4 forklift brackets and 4 lashing strap holders
  • Removable swivel castors for safe standing of the order picking trolley on the truck
  • 4 polyamide swivel castors Ø 175 mm, 2 of them with stop device (also available with 4 rubber swivel castors Ø 160 mm)
  • Supporting and clamping device to secure the windows placed on the picking cart
  • Special designs according to customer requirements are possible

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RU-KW-S Transport trolley
RU-KW-S Transport trolley

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