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RU-DK-T1,4/3,4 Dreh-/Kipptisch

Produkt-Filter - Level 1 (Fenster- / Türenart) Titel:
hal : Holz-Aluminium, hol : Holz, kun : Kunststoff
Produkt-Filter - Level 2 (Hauptgruppe) Titel:
hal-at : Arbeitstische, hal-bm : Beschlagmontage, hol-fe : Fenster, kun-fe : Fenster
1Produkt-Filter - Level 3 (Produktgruppe):
hal-at-atl : Arbeitstische, liegend, hal-bm-rb : Wz.-Halter - Hebezeuge - Verladen, hol-fe-atl : Arbeitstische, liegend, hol-fe-bmf : Beschlagmontage Flügel, hol-fe-bmr : Beschlagmontage Rahmen, kun-fe-bmr : Beschlagmontage Rahmen
Eindeutige Bezeichnung EN:
RU-DK-T1,4/3,4 Turn and tilting table
Eindeutige Bezeichnung FR:
RU-DK-T1,4/3,4 Table basculante rotative

RU-DK-T1,4/3,4 Turn/tilt table

Multi-functional assembly table for the sash and frame assembly

Turn-/tilt table with pneumatic tilting device

Working platform with 4 supporting bars, basic dimensions 1,400 x 1,500 mm, extended 3,400 x 2,300 mm

Supporting surface covered with felt

Tilting table adjustable in height from 900 mm - 1,050 mm

2 pieces of support plates foldable and slidable mounted

load capacity 150 kg

Optional accessories:

  • Roller conveyor as set-up surface
  • Lifting device 400 mm with column guide (thus horizontal and vertical height adjustment is possible)
  • Flat clamping cylinder
  • Sash mounting device
  • Driving device with 4 flanged rollers
  • Driving device with 4 swivel castors
  • 6 storage boxes with 2 compartments each, mounted swivel-mounted

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RU-DK-T1,4/3,4 Turn and tilting table
RU-DK-T1,4/3,4 Turn and tilting table

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