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RU-4-SSP Dreh-/Kipptisch

Produkt-Filter - Level 1 (Fenster- / Türenart) Titel:
alu : Aluminium
Produkt-Filter - Level 2 (Hauptgruppe) Titel:
alu-fetu : Fenster und Türen
1Produkt-Filter - Level 3 (Produktgruppe):
alu-fetu-at : Arbeitstische
Eindeutige Bezeichnung EN:
RU-4-SSP Turn-/Tilt table
Eindeutige Bezeichnung FR:
RU-4-SSP Table basculante pivotante

RU-4-SSP Turn-/Tilt table

The RU-4-SSP is a universal-turn-tilt table with lifting-device for the sash- and frame-assembly.

Equipment and accessory:

  • Pneumatic tilting device
  • Hoist device in vertical position 300 - 800 mm
    (related to the roller-conveyor height as mounting surface)
  • Working height horizontal 900 mm
  • Tilt able roller conveyor
  • Two swivelling extension-bars
  • Two retractable support-feet, mounted at each extension-bar, to stabilize the table surface during the working procedure
  • Two flat clamping cylinders with hand-valves, mounted at the extension-bars, to fix window elements
  • 2 stop’s for glazing and sealing
  • 6 boxes each with 2 compartments
  • Sash assembling-unit with tool-shelf
  • Driving-device with 4 castors 2 with stop’s
  • Driving-device with wheel-flange-rolls and parking brake on rails

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